We look forward to showcasing a variety of food and craft vendors!

Registration materials are provided below.

Please download, print, and remit the registration form by the deadlines. E-mail and mailing address are listed on the respective forms.

    • Craft & Vendor Show: May 22nd
    • Food Vendor: June 14th.

Absolutely NO late registrations will be accepted.

Please direct any questions to us here or on our facebook page.

July 6th, 9-3

$50 Registration Fee

Registration due May 22nd

Food Vendor

July 5, 6, 7

$50 for the 1st 10 ft.

$15 for each 10 ft. of additional length.

*Include tongue/hitch

Craft & Vendor Show Registration Form

Food Vendor Registration Form

GCA food Vendor Form.docx