About Grover

Grover Cleveland Alexander

“Just to see old Pete out there on the mound, with that cocky little undersized cap pulled down over one ear, chewing away at his tobacco and pitching baseballs as easy as pitching hay is enough to take the heart out of a fellow.”-Babe Ruth, Hall of Fame 1936
“He made me want to throw my bat away when I went to the plate...He fed me pitches I couldn’t hit. If I let them go, they were strikes. He made you hit bad balls. He could throw into a tin can all day long.”-Johnny Evers, Hall of Fame 1946excerpts from National Baseball Hall of Fame

Hall of Famer (1938), 3rd winningest pitcher in baseball history, WW1 veteran, Elba & St. Paul, NE native. Grover changed the game.

Visit the Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball in downtown St. Paul on Howard Ave. to learn about Grover, see rare items from his life and baseball history, and discover more about Nebraska's 7 baseball hall of famers and every Nebraska born player who ever made it to the bigs!

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